Align Your Workforce Across All Your Projects

Reduce human error and get your crew aligned to get everyone on the same page. Save more money and time.

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Get Rid Of The Hassle Of SMS, Phone Calls, and Pen & Paper

Admin burden is probably one of the biggest problems you’re facing. Rid yourself of outdated forms of communication and increase productivity. Sound familiar?

Monitoring worker checks-ins/outs

Checking up with people on the phone

Tracking the progress of a given project

Knowing the location of the team

Sending paperwork--on top of a million other things to do

Amal Work leverages cutting-edge technology, utilizing real-time data to help you communicate easily with your team and reduce human errors.

Our Unique Workforce Alignment Solutions

Project Information

Save massive amounts of time by scrubbing traditional, outdated modes of workforce management. Our real-time data reports are at your fingertips.

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Communication Channels

Prevent errors and misunderstanding. Be aware of every on-site detail with our real-time data reports. You will make data-driven decisions faster and save your company time and money.

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Onboarding Process

Seamless and friendly-to-use software that provides PMs with an overview of individual employees, making it easier to align their skills across different projects.

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Workforce Management Made Easy.

One sight for those on site! Schedule a call now with us. We’re here to help you digitalize your business to increase your own success metrics in the market and give you a competitive advantage for a lifetime.

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Our Features

Save Massive Time And Money

Get rid of admin burden and save money with instant communication and a data-driven, on-site dashboard. Track exact billable hours to make sure your money goes out only after measurable work is put in.

Access Real-time Data Reports

We collect real-time data on site so that you can easily form actionable insights. Make data-driven decisions in record time using numerous filters to create personalized reports.

Increase Productivity and Transparency

Use our real-time data to allocate your resources properly and increase the productivity and transparency of your laborers for better outcomes and results.

Get Convenience In Your Workplace

No need to pass paperwork back and forth. No messy timesheets for payroll day. With Amal, all this is handled in the cloud and in real-time