About AMAL : building visions with concrete decisions

About Us

AMAL was founded in 2020 by Rowan Alawi and Salam Bakir. Since then, it has gone on to raise grants from KAUST, and EWC, and is also backed by the World Bank and EXPO 2020.
AMAL's Solution is transforming the construction industry in the Middle East and North Africa by solving the under-productivity of the workforce in construction.
AMAL Founders also attend and present at conventions and industry events across the region to share our story as a field software and analysis company and network with industry experts.


Our values are the reason our customers believe in us. Trust, transparency, authenticity, and privacy take us further in the industry and helps us achieve our goals

AMAL values, trust and transperancy

Trust and transparency

AMAL values, transparency


AMAL values, privacy



We passionately believe in the empowerment of the workforce in the construction industry, and helping project managers, teams and departments generate a better vision of their workers achievements on site, and to communicate easily with them.
We aim to prevent and diminish workforce unproductivity in the construction industry by mobilizing the power of technology and software solutions that we developed to create an easier path for managers while empowering the labor workforce.
We are convinced that technology has the ability to change people's minds, lives, and, ultimately, the world.


Our Team

rowan alawi
Rowan Alawi
salam bakir
Salam Bakir
Abdulrahman Alsafadi
Abdulrahman Alsafadi
Business Developer
Loor Masri
Loor Masri
Marketing Manager
Faisal Alfaddaghi
Faisal Alfaddaghi
Software Consultant